Texas A&M University – San Antonio

Computing and Cyber Security Department, Texas A&M University – San Antonio. 

The mission of the Department of Computing and Cyber Security is to support the development of  comprehensive computer science, cyber security and information systems education and research  programs. These programs prepare students for careers in cyber security, computing, and information  systems. The courses include experiential learning components which allow the students to gain  practical hands-on knowledge, skills and experience in the current tools of cyber security and  computing.  

The university is designated as a NSA Center for Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CDE). The  certificate requirements are built into the curriculum of several degree programs – with the result that  graduates of those programs are skilled and trained in current industry requirements of cyber security.  The department offers a BS in cyber security, a BBA and BAAS degrees with concentrations in cyber  security and an MS in Computer Science with a track in cyber security. Most courses are offered online  to allow industry and military students to take courses at their own pace. The department also offers  certificates in Data Analytics and Mobile Computing. 

The programs and certificates prepares students for careers such as: Information Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Cyber security Architect, Cyber security Software Developer/Engineer, Risk  Assessment Analyst, Cyber Forensics Analyst. Topics of study include the cyber security of networks,  storage, software, hardware, firmware, cloud, IoT, embedded systems, mobile systems, cyber physical  systems, and others.