COVID-19 Policies and Regulations

Covid 19 Policies and Recommendations

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, DASC 2021 has officially moved to a hybrid conference format, where attendees can be either virtual or in-person. For our in-person attendees, we are excited to host a strong in-person experience while implementing protocols that promote awareness and protection. The conference has in place the following procedures and policies.

Mask Wearing and Physical Distancing

  • Based on CDC guidelines, we ask attendees to wear masks during the conference
  • Presenters can decide to wear masks or not. The venue will be set up to provide a minimum of 6 feet of distance between presenters and audience
  • The rooms will be set up to promote social distancing

Hotel policies and practice

  • Please refer to COVID-19 updates and what to expect at the hotel.
  • DASC will work closely with the hotel to promote recommended best practices related to venue cleaning, food handling, and social distancing.
  • Hotel will follow all local Texas and San Antonio ordinances
  • Marriott mandates that all employees wear masks 
  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout all public areas and meeting space areas of the hotel.
  • There are signs throughout the hotel encouraging mask wearing, however, the hotel will not be policing guests to wear masks.

Food services

  • Hotel will serve food at buffets
  • Award lunch will be plated
  • Takeaway food: individually wrap and set out food


  • We ask attendees perform a self-check each morning to assess if they are feeling ill or displaying COVID like symptoms
  • If you are not feeling well, we ask that you remain in your hotel room and attend the conference virtually
  • It is not possible to do contact tracing; however, if we become aware of a positive case of COVID, the on-site attendees will be informed either during or following the conference as soon as we know of any such incidence.

Pre-Meeting Guidance

  • Attendees should closely monitor all travel alerts issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Attendees are encouraged to monitor the CDC website for additional information.
  • Attendees should check their individual airlines for specific cancellation / refund policies. DASC will not be responsible for any airline cancellation or change fees should you be unable to either attend for any reason or have any problem returning home after the meeting.
  • All attendees should check themselves for symptoms before starting travel.

Attendees agree these COVID 19 Policies and Recommendations, to abide by all posted safety guidelines, and to release DASC from risks associated with attending the DASC conference.

We are excited to host you in-person and are committed to doing so safely. We will continue to keep you informed about our plans to ensure you feel welcome joining us with clear expectations for your 2021 DASC experience.

Thank you for supporting DASC!