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Southwest Research Institute is a premier independent, nonprofit research and development organization using multidisciplinary services to provide solutions to some of the world’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, our client-focused, client-funded organization occupies more than 1,500 acres, providing more than 2.3 million square feet of laboratories, test facilities, workshops, and offices for approximately 3,000 employees who perform contract work for government and industry clients.

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PRESAGIS is a technology innovator and a leading provider of software development tools for HMI simulation and deployment. We offer intuitive and robust software tools to develop safe and certifiable cockpit graphics for the aerospace, defense, security, and critical infrastructure markets.

Since 1985, PRESAGIS has been supplying first in class cockpit display systems software tools for graphics development, and both ARINC 661 and DO-178 certifiable solutions for 20 years. The company pioneered the prototyping of avionic display graphics and the automatic code generation for embedded systems in the 1990s. Since then, code generated by its flagship HMI modeling and embedded graphics products have been deployed to hundreds of aircraft worldwide and its embedded graphics software has been certified on over 30 major aircraft programs worldwide.

PRESAGIS’ HMI development toolkit provides its customers the tools and services necessary to bring new products to market fast, and with reduced risk. Its latest generation of software tools combine the reliability customers need for mission- and safety-critical graphics development with leading-edge technology developed for modern cockpit graphics. In today’s world, modern cockpit designers and engineers are increasingly adopting the ARINC 661 architecture, and are starting to deploy touch and gesture as the preferred means of human-machine interaction. PRESAGIS technology, developed in conjunction with major aircraft OEMs, provides leading-edge capabilities to enable the development of such products.

PRESAGIS serves hundreds of aviation, space and defense customers worldwide, including many of the world's most respected organizations such as Boeing, Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Collins Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Thales, General Dynamics, and CAE among others.


Great River Technology (GRT) is a global leader in high-performance digital video and data development tools and services for the mil/aero industry. Since its founding in 1996, it has developed partnerships with leading commercial and military companies worldwide to include Airbus, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Thales, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Elbit, COMAC, BAE, General Dynamics, and many others.  
GRT develops products that simplify the design and implementation of mission-critical systems for cockpit displays, mission and video processors, infrared sensors, optical cameras, and flight simulators. Design and research labs, production lines, MRO facilities, flight-test and production aircraft rely on our products.
GRT has been instrumental in the development of the ARINC 818 Standard and Protocol since its conception in 2006 and has continued to be the industry editor for all revisions to date.  The ARINC 818: the Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB) video interface and protocol standard manages high-bandwidth, low-latency, and uncompressed digital video transmission.  Today it is the proven commercial standard and de facto military standard for high-performance video systems, used on every manner of aircraft including helicopters, large passenger aircraft, military fighters, tankers, and transport aircraft.
Great River Technology is the global leader in ARINC 818 and HOTLink II™ products and has helped design 100s of mission-critical ARINC 818 capable systems and offers the only comprehensive product suite for the entire lifecycle of your ARINC 818 enabled equipment

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