Aviation Cyber-Security Regulation: The DO-326/ED-202-Set Practical Guidance & Considerations

Presented By Aharon David


The "DO-326/ED-202 Set" provides regulatory "Guidance & Considerations" for the certification & in-service continued airworthiness for cyber-security aspects.
This course provides information necessary to help minimize DO-326/ED-202-set compliance risks and costs, while also optimizing cyber-security levels for the development, deployment & in-service phases. The instructor will guide attendees through topics such as aircraft security aspects of safety, systems-approach to security, security planning, the airworthiness security process, and security effectiveness assurance. The entire ecosystem of aviation avionics software development will be revisited to include the DO-326/ED-202-Set as a new, integral member of the "classic" safety-oriented development process including the SAE standards ARP-4761 for Safety & ARP-4754A for Systems Development, and software & Hardware development standards DO-178C & DO-254, respectively.

Attendees may include managers, engineers, quality assurance, certification personnel – as well as aircraft manufacturers, operators, maintainers, service providers and other aviation stakeholders, who need to prepare for Cyber-Security regulatory compliance of their aircraft/systems/organizations.

Aharon David is the Chief WHO (White Hat Officer) of AFuzion-InfoSec, providing Aviation Cyber-Security Certification training & consulting services worldwide. Since 1981, Mr. Aharon David has worked in engineering of software and systems avionics, including junior-to-senior technical management positions. Among other duties, Mr. David served as the commander of the Israeli Air Force’s Avionics & Control Software-development Center (ACSC) and head of System-Engineering & Interoperability of the Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) – and along the way developed, taught & commanded technical courses in the US and Israel, and was a speaker at international technical conferences. In recent years, Mr. David has been a senior advisor to the Civil Air Authority of Israel (CAAI), specifically on software certification and Cyber-Security. He is currently a member of both RTCA’s SC-216 & EUROCAE’s WG-72 “Aeronautical Systems Security“, as well as all other aviation cyber-security standard-making committees, such as SAE G-32 and others. Mr. David holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.