Efficient and Large-Scale Air Traffic Data Analysis with OpenSky

Presented By Dr. Xavier Olive | Dr. Martin Strohmeier


This tutorial introduces the OpenSky Network (https://opensky-network.org), a community-based receiver network which continuously collects air traffic surveillance data and makes it accessible to researchers for free. Using a global network of over 4000 Mode S and ADS-B receivers, the network has collected and provides over 2 PB of surveillance data. This data has been used by academics, authorities and companies around the world for their research, resulting in more than 200 peer-reviewed publications to date. Martin and Xavier will provide an overview on how the OpenSky Network works and which data is available. Moreover, using several case studies, they will demonstrate what kind of analyses are possible and how to use OpenSky’s data set for your research. In particular, they will show how to use the traffic library in order to use the large amount of air traffic data provided by OpenSky conveniently and efficiently.

Dr. Xavier Olive is a Research Scientist at ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab. His main interests include Data Science, Machine Learning and Decision Science applied to aviation, with a particular focus on optimisation, anomaly and pattern detection. Applications range from air traffic management, operations, predictive maintenance, safety analyses and risk assessment. He is also passionate about aircraft, data visualisation, geographic information systems and programming languages and maintains the traffic library which interfaces with the OpenSky Network.   Dr. Martin Strohmeier is a Senior Scientist at the Swiss Cyber Defence Campus, where he is primarily based at the ETH Zurich office, and also a Junior Research Fellow of Kellogg College, University of Oxford. The main focus of his work has been the design, implementation, and analysis of security protocols for cyber-physical systems, specifically those used in critical infrastructures such as aviation (civil and military). Martin is also a co-founder and board member of the aviation research network OpenSky and responsible for coordinating research activities there. Before coming to Oxford in 2012, he received his MSc degree from TU Kaiserslautern, Germany and joined Lancaster University’s InfoLab21 and Lufthansa AG as a visiting researcher.